Crowd-mapping: a tool for action research

[Post originally published for SEISMIC blog] Alternative forms of production and consumption are a hot topic in urban research. Cities are the breeding grounds for a wealth of bottom-up initiatives that try to establish fairer and more sustainable models. Researchers try to keep up with this transformation, but aside from the remarkable work of the […]

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Field summary for TransforMap: some insights about map commons

Over the past three months I’ve made almost 10 interviews with people behind the following: Living Lot (map of vacant land lots in NYC), Alliance Paysans Ecologistes et Consom’acteurs (CSA network in France), ESS Global/ (joint map for 3 solidarity economy national organizations), Velogistics (map of cargo bikes), Verbund Offener Werkstaetten (network of open workshops), Flaechen in Leipzig (map of vacant lots in Leipzig), Mundraub (German […]

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