transition>>lab team

thinkfarm. The Thinkfarm is a socio-ecological co-working space in Berlin-Kreuzberg that gathers around 60 people from initiatives and small companies, as well as freelancers and scientists, all working in the fields of transition, transformation, and sustainability.

transition>>lab. Within this context, the transition>>lab is a space for research exchange across disciplines, bridging science, and practice. We aim at providing a platform for researchers to connect their work to practitioners and develop a culture of inter- and transdisciplinary exchange.

blog. This blog features thoughts emanating from the discussions happening in the lab, research updates, focus on the projects we like, etc. It will also provide regular updates on the development of the Thinkfarm as an experiment of a slow co-working space geared towards sustainability.

disclaimer. transition>>lab is the research hub of the Thinkfarm in Kreuzberg-Berlin. All opinions stated on this website are the responsibility of their sole authors and do not commit any of the participants of the Thinkfarm.

contact. If you would like to ask a question, visit us or even join us, feel free to drop us a line at: adrienlabaeye [a] gmail.com or jawie [a] posteo.de


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