There are Thousands of Alternatives. We will make them visible.

The transition>>lab is part of the effort to map all alternatives across communities of practice. We’ll be meeting in Leipzig at the Degrowth conference.


Launch of Transformap: There are Thousands of Alternatives. We will put them on a Single Map!
Transformap-Workshop 4th International Degrowth Conference 

September 3rd, 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm, Leipzig University, S 328


A network of about 50 individuals and organizations – from civil society, science and social business in Germany and Austria – invites You to contribute to an exciting new interoperative system for mapping economic alternatives based on Open Street Map. This call marks the new phase for making alternatives more visibile and accessible.  In the beginning of March 2014, when this network first came together in Munich, it has been pooling participatory and process-oriented methods and tools and is now ready to go public and international.

Please help make it a standard online reference tool for anyone seeking practical alternatives to the present growth obsession!

Categories for a common taxonomy have been intensively discussed. The taxonomy is…

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