Action>> Connecting the thinkfarmers: tapas and speed-dating


Since its inception in July 2013, the Thinkfarm has now grown to over 60 participants. With new faces coming in regularly, the Thinkfarm is becoming more anonymous than we wish it would be.  In a workplace where the quantity of workers is increasing, it is an organic tendency for (quality) social interaction to decrease.

How to break this trend? How to stimualte interaction so we all know each other?


The fact is that almost every Wednesday, a few farmers already get together and cook the “Lunch of love” (Mittagsessen der Liebe) and about 25 share a lunch together contributing to the costs with a small donation. On the 21st of May, we integrated into this activity a speed-dating session. To fit the purpose of this lunch, food took the form tapas, so that for each new tapas each participants would meet someone he/she doesn’t know.

With over 25 participants, in a bit more than an hour we created over 170 opportunities for exchange.

Here is the menu created by Pepe from and participants of the Thinkfarm:

1. Aceitunas (olives) 
2. Pantomaca (piece of baguette topped with garlic tomato sauce with olive oil, rock salt, and feta cheese)
3. Ensalada Rusa (Spanish version of Russian salad: potatoes, green peas, mayonaise, garlic)
4. Crema de Pimiento con Nueces (Cream of Red Bell Pepper topped with Walnuts and honey)
5. Gazpacho (cold summer soup: Tomatoes, Cucumber, Bell Peppers, Onions, Garlic)
6. Pepito’s Pintxo (Fried Aubergines and its avocado bed)
7. Watermelon
The Lunch of Love was organized by Anwar, Pepe and Adrien, who received the help from a few minions! If you have been there, please leave some feedback as a comment below!
DSCF3652 DSCF3678 DSCF3675

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